This is my third year taking part in the Ice Warrior Inaccessible Pole project. I have undergone hours of tricky scenarios and training has been hard, but not as hard and soul-destroying as raising the money to actually get on the ice.

I spent the weekend at the Royal Geographical Society’s annual expeditions and fieldwork event, Explore. There, amongst the exhibitors, I stumbled upon what could be the Holy Grail for funding adventures, Ralloo.

Ralloo is for raising funds, similar to GoFundMe. But I’ve had my GoFundMe page since 2014 and only raised £400. Something is not working! Enter Ralloo.

Instead of having a page with your details on, asking for money in return for a reward. Ralloo matches your campaign with a sponsor who will pay for clicks and engagement on your page. Think about this for a second. Instead of approaching sponsors and asking for money in return for access to your audience, some of whom might visit the company’s website, Ralloo gives brands direct engagement from the word go.

It’s like Tinder for sponsors; a company is on the prowl for a nubile adventurer, they swipe through the list of projects on Ralloo until they find one they think is sexy. SWIPE RIGHT and they, if the brand and the adventurer like each other, can make beautiful pages together.

You share the page to your audience and for each action – watching a brand video, liking the brand’s Facebook page or sharing their content – earns your campaign a few quid.

The brand get content in front of new eyes, you get money for your adventure and your friends get to save their pennies. It’s a win-win-win. Especially for my friends, whose wallets have been rinsed by my constant begging for support!

The real currency here is attention.

Can you think of a downside? I haven’t yet and Adventures that seemed a year or two away, seem that much closer…I’m excited by Ralloo! If you are too, sign-up here.