About Andy

Andy spent 16 months cycling between London to Sydney for War Child. During that time he wrote for The Telegraph Travel blog and www.thecyclediaries.com. He returned to England to write The Cycle Diaries book and prepare for the historic Quest for the Inaccessible Pole, a journey to the centre of the Arctic Ocean.

View of the Fells

This is a shot I took while climbing Bowfell Pike. The peak lies at 906 meters, above the snow line that day.It was my first time climbing in The Lake District. The peaks are not Himalayan in scale but rival them in beauty. I loved the climb up the gully, carved from the dark rock by [...]

Tipi or not Tipi

A cycling buddy, Jilly Sherlock, offered me a tipi to stay in for a weekend in the Lake District*. Of course I couldn't turn down the offer and headed there for a weekend of scrambling, scrumpy and scenery. I'd not seen Jilly for 3 years, since our paths crossed in Singapore. She returned to the [...]

The Abyss

When it comes to living your dream people come up with all kinds of crazy advice like "just do what you love." I've been doing that for the last 5 years, leaping into an abyss everyday and all that's happened is I've hit the floor. It is true that in doing so I've become toughened [...]

Writing Challenge

Can I publish a blog post each day of the year? That sounds like a difficult challenge. There will be days when I'm not around computers or an internet connection (blessed are those days). There will be days when I have a lot of work to do, days when I'll be ill and there will [...]