The SF Experience

Sometimes people ask me why I like to camp out in the snow, lug heavy loads across unforgiving terrain or otherwise make myself as miserable as hell. I often wonder about that too. I guess I enjoy pushing through unpleasant situations. In doing so, I overcome the part of me that can’t cope and the part of me that can, expands. Or I’m just a masochist. Masochistic Madeley made a snap decision back in March to enter The Special Forces Experience Bootcamp. A weekend of training with ex-special forces personnel including a 10-mile, load-bearing race over the Clwydian Range, Wales. Here’s how that went down. […]

Winter Skills Training with Explorers Connect

While waiting for something difficult to do and keep my cold weather skills sharp I stumbled upon the Explorers Connect Winter Skills course. An opportunity to spend a weekend with fellow masochists learning how to traverse mountain slopes in crampons, use an ice axe and sleep in a snow hole encouraged me to sign-up. The [...]

Expedition postponed

Last year the Ice Warrior team faced disappointment, frustration and anger as our shared mission, the expedition to the Inaccessible Pole, was postponed. Regrettably I have to announce that it will be postponed once again. Our new date of departure now February 2017. Which means we face another year of being put through an emotional wringer. [...]

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Ice Warrior Core Skills Training

Following a recruitment drive utilising billboards from our sponsor Ocean Outdoor nearly 30 new trainees signed-up for the Ice Warrior Quest to the Inaccessible Pole. A varied and diverse group of men and women from all over the UK they ranged from electricians, personal trainers, psychologists, mechanics and TV presenters. Molding them into competent polar [...]