Last Pole Expedition Prep

The time of departure to Arctic Canada is drawing closer. Grudgingly I've begun physically and mentally preparing for the misery of dragging my body weight across a frozen ocean. I've dusted off my harness and tyres and begun dragging them around Surrey Quays, much to the amusement of the boat dwellers who live around the [...]

Books that have influenced me

Everything I read influences me somehow. Sometimes books teach me how to write, how not to write, sometimes how to use a map and compass or tie knots and heal wounds. Other books teach me about myself and how to live. These are some of the books that have had the greatest influence upon me, [...]

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Cycling Santander to Bordeaux

After 2 years of polar training my girlfriend, Lisa, and I decided it was time for a warm holiday. But with little funding the trip would need to be inexpensive and offer enough adventure to keep me interested. Cycling to San Sebastian had resided on Lisa's bucket list for 5 years. The small city lies [...]

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Expedition communications

When dealing with an emergency, time is a critical component. Misunderstandings and a cacophony of opinions can delay dealing with a casualty. It is crucial, then, that communications between a team assist in resolving the situation in the most rapid and effective manner. In Svalbard our colleague, Peter Penny, played victim in our search and [...]