How to build mental strength for tough expeditions

Polar expeditions are boring. You trudge for hours upon end across a featureless icescape only stopping to pitch the shelter, eat and sleep. The routine is repeated with little variation until your destination has been reached. The monotony compounds mounting frustrations from equipment failure, human error or having the distance walked negated by the reverse movement of the ice flow. Then there [...]

Montane Terra Pants

I recently retired my favourite adventure trousers by Vaude. They served me well over 4-years and were the only trousers I took when I cycled to Australia. But a hole in the crotch and my girlfriend encouraged me to replace them. I'm a bit of a Googler and will spend hours researching adventure kit before making an [...]

Nervous Tick

I returned from a camping trip to Cornwall and found I'd carried an unexpected guest back with me. A small, black speck on my wrist that I first thought was a scab, turned out to be a blood-sucking tick. My discovery prompted panic and revulsion so I did what anyone in a state of alarm would, I [...]


Work, some call it a dirty four-letter word. I do. But only when sat behind a computer screen with a ringing phone.This week, in Iceland, I've been taking part in physical labour, or work. This work, though, is a thing of beauty. We are based in a forestry hut, surrounded by woodlands and streams. In the [...]