The Last Pole and Sagarmāthā

Sometimes I get asked 'what is the point of your expedition to the Arctic!?' From a personal point of view there's the huge physical and mental challenge of walking across one of the most treacherous environments on the planet. I do not say that lightly; in the world of adventure, the quest for the North [...]

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Do you want an easy life, or an exceptional one?

Five years ago I asked myself "do I want an easy life, or an exceptional one?" I chose the latter... Being caught in an unexpected event is all part of an adventure. Indeed, happenings beyond our control that force us to act and challenge us to make difficult choices are the core of what makes an adventure [...]

Finding the Pole of Inaccessibility

The Pole of Inaccessibility is the most recently discovered of the 4 Arctic poles. It is also probably the least known but is certainly the most difficult to get to. The Pole is defined as being the furthest point from the surrounding coasts. It is 800 miles from land in all directions and 200 miles [...]

Train or Die: Polar Expedition Fitness pt1

I thought, having cycled the world, I held a high level of fitness. And I suppose that compared to my desk-bound colleagues I am quite fit. But cycle fit is not the same as polar fit. The endurance in my legs will need to be replicated and stepped up a notch or ten over the [...]

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