Winter Skills Training with Explorers Connect

While waiting for something difficult to do and keep my cold weather skills sharp I stumbled upon the Explorers Connect Winter Skills course. An opportunity to spend a weekend with fellow masochists learning how to traverse mountain slopes in crampons, use an ice axe and sleep in a snow hole encouraged me to sign-up. The [...]

Ice Warrior Core Skills Training

Following a recruitment drive utilising billboards from our sponsor Ocean Outdoor nearly 30 new trainees signed-up for the Ice Warrior Quest to the Inaccessible Pole. A varied and diverse group of men and women from all over the UK they ranged from electricians, personal trainers, psychologists, mechanics and TV presenters. Molding them into competent polar [...]

Last Pole Expedition Prep

The time of departure to Arctic Canada is drawing closer. Grudgingly I've begun physically and mentally preparing for the misery of dragging my body weight across a frozen ocean. I've dusted off my harness and tyres and begun dragging them around Surrey Quays, much to the amusement of the boat dwellers who live around the [...]

Expedition communications

When dealing with an emergency, time is a critical component. Misunderstandings and a cacophony of opinions can delay dealing with a casualty. It is crucial, then, that communications between a team assist in resolving the situation in the most rapid and effective manner. In Svalbard our colleague, Peter Penny, played victim in our search and [...]