2016 Review

The good, the bad and the ugly from the previous year plus a cheeky peek at the year ahead. 2016 was a mixed bag. The Good Loads of great things happened in 2016. Some were adventures out on the land, some were events that will help me work towards future expeditions and some things were [...]

Fit for the Arctic

Dragging your own bodyweight across a frozen ocean for 10-12 hours per day, battling high winds while climbing over ice ridges requires each team member be at their peak of physical fitness. Here's how I've been preparing. I live in South East London, right next to the River Thames and only a 2-mile walk away [...]

5000 pints to the Pole

The average cost of a beer in the UK is £3. The cost to go to the centre of the Arctic Ocean is £15'000. Maths tells me that works out at 5000 pints of average beer to get me to the Pole. Will you help? With 10 months to go I need to do some serious [...]

Arctic kit list

The Ice Warrior team are preparing for a winter training trip to Svalbard, the archipelago of islands off Norway's northern coast that lie approximately 600 miles from the North Pole. This will be my third trip to the fridge that is Svalbard. After saving hard and re-mortgaging my house I now own the essential kit [...]