Winter Skills Training with Explorers Connect

While waiting for something difficult to do and keep my cold weather skills sharp I stumbled upon the Explorers Connect Winter Skills course. An opportunity to spend a weekend with fellow masochists learning how to traverse mountain slopes in crampons, use an ice axe and sleep in a snow hole encouraged me to sign-up. The [...]


Work, some call it a dirty four-letter word. I do. But only when sat behind a computer screen with a ringing phone.This week, in Iceland, I've been taking part in physical labour, or work. This work, though, is a thing of beauty. We are based in a forestry hut, surrounded by woodlands and streams. In the [...]

Off to Iceland

I didn’t plan to go to Iceland this year but an opportunity arose that I couldn’t miss. Lisa, my girlfriend and partner in crime, volunteered with Thórsmörk Trail Volunteers last year. She spent 6-weeks in Thórsmörk National Park repairing the many paths through the mountains. Thórsmörk is the park where the unpronounceable volcano (Eyjafjallajökull, or AY-uh-fyat-luh-YOE-kuutl) erupted in 2010. [...]

View of the Fells

This is a shot I took while climbing Bowfell Pike. The peak lies at 906 meters, above the snow line that day.It was my first time climbing in The Lake District. The peaks are not Himalayan in scale but rival them in beauty. I loved the climb up the gully, carved from the dark rock by [...]