Why I hate Spielberg

Stephen Spielberg has a lot to answer for. I mean, mostly great stuff like The Goonies and Raiders of the Lost Ark. But he also is responsible for my fear of open water swimming. I used to enjoy family trips to the seaside. We'd rarely get away as a whole family because running a farm [...]

Expedition postponed

Last year the Ice Warrior team faced disappointment, frustration and anger as our shared mission, the expedition to the Inaccessible Pole, was postponed. Regrettably I have to announce that it will be postponed once again. Our new date of departure now February 2017. Which means we face another year of being put through an emotional wringer. [...]

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Books that have influenced me

Everything I read influences me somehow. Sometimes books teach me how to write, how not to write, sometimes how to use a map and compass or tie knots and heal wounds. Other books teach me about myself and how to live. These are some of the books that have had the greatest influence upon me, [...]

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Nervous Tick

I returned from a camping trip to Cornwall and found I'd carried an unexpected guest back with me. A small, black speck on my wrist that I first thought was a scab, turned out to be a blood-sucking tick. My discovery prompted panic and revulsion so I did what anyone in a state of alarm would, I [...]