Last year the Ice Warrior team faced disappointment, frustration and anger as our shared mission, the expedition to the Inaccessible Pole, was postponed.

Regrettably I have to announce that it will be postponed once again. Our new date of departure now February 2017. Which means we face another year of being put through an emotional wringer.

Last year we didn’t raise any sponsorship money, this year the team fared much better, even I managed to make inroads with 2 potential sponsors but it was’t enough. No money means no expedition.

It’s perplexing to me how we haven’t managed to gather more backers; walking to the Inaccessible Pole would write their names into the history books and contribute important scientific data on climate change in the Arctic. I guess there is much uncertainty around polar expeditions, not least about how much they cost.

I take heart, though, from the current batch of Ice Warriors; they have raised more than previous teams and they’re determined to go. With more time we can do it. Another year gives current sponsors a full year of coverage that will maximise their investment.

I hope that we’ve learnt the lessons gained from 2 delays. Daily dedication to raising money coupled with a co-ordinated approach with assistance from Jim are crucial.

The year 2017 is the Year of Polar Prediction, or YOPP. This is a period of intense research and observation of the polar climate and conveying data to stakeholders. By waiting another year we can take part in YOPP and gain even more scientific partners and publicity.

So there we have it folks, a bitter-sweet ending to 2015 for the Ice Warrior team. If you’re considering an expedition then you could do worse than join ours, now you have another year to do so! But be prepared to work your arse off before even setting foot on ice.