I finally went and did it. I wrote a book.

It is not the book that most were expecting, The Cycle Diaries diary, but one called The Push.

The Push aims to give people who want to go on an adventure the nudge they need to get over their excuses and actually go and have one. I believe that adventures bring out the best in people by teaching us about the world and ourselves.

I also just wanted to write a book and have done for some time, a piece of work I could call my own.

The Push is only about 30 pages, yet it took me over a year to put together. Not because I was busy distilling excellence into a compact edition. I’m just petrified of exposing my work to the world because I don’t think it’s good.

To compound my opinion the editor of The Cycle Diaries draft described certain sections as ‘dull as dog shit’ and asked if I’d written it while drunk. Actually I did, that’s what Hemingway would do! Alas I am no Hemmingway and I grudgingly had to agree with the editors critique if not his manner of delivery.

Perfection is impossible to attain yet we must try to attain it. And it was the idea of perfection that held me back from publishing anything. I read a a lot and can spot utter rubbish from a mile away. Sadly, some of my efforts have been less than perfect.

So instead of going for gold I’m aiming for just finishing and I’m putting my work out there. I’m terrified of what you might think of it, but that’s a poor excuse. I believe we only live once and 100 years from now we’ll all be worm food. Besides, who really gives a shit? I’m not curing cancer here, it’s just words on a page. These reasons gave me the nudge needed to take a risk.

The Push will be out on Amazon as an ebook as soon as I figure out how to do that. If you’d like a free copy then pop a comment below along with the format you’d like (.pdf or .mobi)