I recently retired my favourite adventure trousers by Vaude. They served me well over 4-years and were the only trousers I took when I cycled to Australia. But a hole in the crotch and my girlfriend encouraged me to replace them.

I’m a bit of a Googler and will spend hours researching adventure kit before making an investment. My search revealed the Terra Pant by Montane to be one of the most highly rated trekking trousers. I’d seen plenty of National Trust employees wearing them around the Lake District, if they were good enough for them, they’d do for a part-timer like me.

Normally the Terra retail at £70 but Google once more came up trumps and found me a pair for £54, including delivery, from Gaynor Sports. Bargain!

They arrived one day before the 4-day hike along the coast of Cornwall. At first glance I thought I accidentally ordered the women’s trouser because the waist was so small. Fortunately the effect was due to the elasticated waist. Once on, the trousers fitted snuggly and not too tightly. Still, I made a mental note to cut down on the beer and pizza.*

Cornwall in spring provides an excellent test for your gear. The weather ranges from hot to mild to freezing and there’s plenty of wind and rain thrown into the mix. Couple that with a rocky landscape covered in prickly gorse and you have the equivalent of an assault course for your kit (and yourself, some of the climbs on the coastal path are near vertical!)

The Terra took everything the weather threw at them. Mild showers passed us by leaving my legs dry. Thanks to the Tactel fabric water droplets formed and simply ran off. During heavier showers the material did get soaked but were dry within the hour. During the more testing climbs I opened zips that run along the thighs and enjoyed the cool breeze around my popliteal fossa (more commonly referred to as the knee-pit). My intergluteal cleft did get sweaty but I put this down to the effort of climbing knee-high steps carrying a 15kg pack rather than to a lack of ventilation.

Tearing the garment to shreds on the prickly gorse concerned me more than a breeze around my nether regions. My Vaude trousers used to catch on it and snag and I didn’t want the same thing to happen to my new pair. The Terras Cordura-enforced leg patches made it through several patches of gorse unscathed and even managed some malicious brambles without a nick.

This is my first kit review and in the spirit of offering you a balanced opinion I’m trying to think of some negatives but I haven’t found one yet. I’ll update this post in due course with any flaws, should I find any.

If you’re looking for a pair of adventure slacks then you couldn’t get much better than the Terra. I give them a campfire rating of HOT

*I ordered size Large and I have a 34″ waist and 32″ inner leg.