The Cycle Diaries came into being over a few pints of beer and a swathes of ennui.

Matt and I sat in the fug of The Hope pub in Wandsworth in 2010, both full of a pre-Christmas dinner with our friends.

We sat and talked of our plans and I described my ambition to travel overland to Australia. Matt’s eyes lit-up when he heard me describe my ambitions and he immediately asked if he could come along, but could we cycle to Australia instead.

I had drunk about 8 pints of cider and drunken bravado ensued my enthusiastic response.

In August 2011 we set off on our cycle adventure from Trafalgar Square. The journey took us 16 months, through 22 countries and covered 15’000 miles. The kind donations from our followers and friends have seen us raise over £30’000 for War Child so far.

Our adventures can be read here: and in the Cycle Diaries book that I’m writing now.