Can I publish a blog post each day of the year? That sounds like a difficult challenge.

There will be days when I’m not around computers or an internet connection (blessed are those days). There will be days when I have a lot of work to do, days when I’ll be ill and there will days when I won’t feel like writing.

If I can mitigate those days by preparing several posts in advance, then I might just do it!

Why bother? Right now I’m on an expedition, I’m exploring what it means to be a writer. From all my research it seems that writers write. And read a bit too. They also share their work. Something that I’m not doing.

My blog lies dormant for months occasionally speckled by random posts. It is a place where my writing can be judged. If I want to make this my life then I cannot wait for events to write about. I must take the initiative and publish work, receive feedback and improve.

Consistency of output is my new mission. Care to join me?